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Friendship with God

by Doris Clark Splichal on 10/25/20

Students in every class I have started or have had the privilege of being associated with have exhibited a quality that I refer to as a "God with Us" understanding.  This was at no time more clear than when I was teaching a lesson on Prayer in one of my Joy Classes.  We were discussing how God is always with us and that prayer is simply "talking to God" just as you would talk to a friend of yours.

Juanita had been in my class for some time.  When I first met her, she was living in a large institution that was the worst care giving situation I had ever seen.  After that facility was purchased by Evergreen Life Services, Juanita went to live in a beautiful group home and Juanita blossomed in her new environment.  Her true personality emerged and with her East Texas vernacular , we delighted in her answers to questions about our studies.

I asked Juanita what she would say to God when she woke up in the morning.   Without hesitation she exclaimed,   "Good mornin' , God!!!    

That is the relationship I want with my God!
"And the last shall be first!"

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