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New things are Happening!

by Doris Clark Splichal on 07/23/14

This has been an exciting month at the Frog Pond.  We have added new additions to our

store and hope you will browse and decide to give them a try in your classes.  And, if you haven't begun a class.....Why Not?  We are here to help you.

We have just added White's Chapel UMC to our curriculum family and I have been helping them to get started with the CHURCH WORDS curriculum in September.
The teachers are enthusiastic and we are hoping their program will be expanding soon.

Let me hear what you are doing in your churches to provide God's word to people who need a simplified study.  They are eager to learn and just need your help to get started.  Call us and let us help.

Have a wonderful week and praise the Lord for your wonderful opportunities.

Hugs!  Doris

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