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Joy for Every Day

Thought for Today

by Doris Clark Splichal on 06/28/16

Maturity and ability do not go hand in hand.  Some of the most intellectually astute people lack maturity in their lives.  Some of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities exhibit great maturity.

It is good to encourage educational opportunities for our students. However, it is greatly important to insure that they have the skills to interact with others in a kind and mature way.  These are the skills they will learn from the curriculum that we offer and they will be given opportunities to use those skills.

God loves our students and wishes them to experience the fullness of life that comes from his teaching. Their capacity for serving God is vast.
Let us help you with your church class.

Hugs!  Doris      903/819/5054

God's Special Servants Creed

by Doris Clark Splichal on 06/10/15

The God's Special Servants class at White's Chapel United Methodist Church just completed their Church Words study.  One of the church words they learned was Creed. They learned what a creed is and why we have creeds.  During that 2 session

lesson they wrote a creed for their class.  They suggested all the items for their creed. We combined them in this creed which I am sharing with you.
                                 GOD'S SPECIAL SERVANTS CREED
We believe that:
God is all powerful
God loves us
God is love
God created everything
God made us all special

We believe that:
Jesus is the Son of God
Jesus loves us
Jesus died on the cross for our sins
Jesus came back to life to give us life
Jesus is our best friend
Jesus cares for us
Jesus heals us

We believe that:
Holy Spirit lives in our heart if we believe in Jesus
Holy Spirit takes away our fear
Holy Spirit brings us love, joy, compassion and peace
Holy Spirit helps us remember what Jesus said

We believe that:
The Church was made by God
The Church helps us learn from the Bible, sermons, singing, fellowship and prayer.
The Church draws us closer to God
The Church helps us serve God 

If you don't have a class for adults with intellectual disabilities in your church,  why
don't you start one.  They need you and you need them.

Have a blessed day!    Doris

The Lenton Season

by Doris Clark Splichal on 03/04/15

What a wonderful time to introduce your students to God's wonderful plan for us!

We have been studying about Baptism and Communion.  Next Sunday we will talk about the Cross.  As we discussed Communion last Sunday, several of our students told us that they did not like talking about the cross.  One said, it is scary
and I don't like to talk about it.  Sooo, we talked about it.  

It is very important that your students understand that while Jesus did have to suffer death on that cross, it means so much more to us.  It is a symbol of the Love of Jesus.  It is important to talk about the fact that Jesus did not stay on that cross, that he died and came back to life, so that we, too, might have that ability.  Because of the cross, we are able to be in God's family just by believing in Jesus and what he did for us.  When your class looks at the cross, they need to see a symbol of God's love for us and the New Life we have because of it.

It  is important that they see the resurrected Christ, talking with his disciples, eating meals with them, and giving directions for the work he expects us all to do,

We will be decorating our cross with flowers next Sunday to represent Love and New Life.

"Oh, death, where is thy sting?"

Happy Easter!!
Hugs!  Doris